A Young Man’s Soul

About 2 weeks ago I met a young man who goes by the name Julio. Julio is 19 years old. He lives in Oyster Bay Long Island. I was introduced to Julio by my very good friend John. John goes around to different spanish speaking Churches to preach & teach the word of God. John was at one of these Churches one night when he met Julio and his mom. Julio had excepted Christ that night and wanted John to come and visit him someday to talk about the Word of God.

The night that John went to visit, I had called John and I was invited to come and meet John and Julio at Julio house. It was an interesting night. This young man has such a gentleness about him, but seems to be struggling with some anxiety and fears. I can relate because I struggled with very bad anxiety attacks myself.

Julio and I hit it off really well. For some reason youth draw to me. They like me. I guess its because I dress hip and look young 🙂 < Smiling. Anyway, him and I got to know each other. He is a wonderful kid. I feel this is a devine appointment by God. John and I had a chance to minister to him with prayer and the Word of God that night.

John and I made an appointment with Julio to come by his house again. We visited Julio last night, Saturday the 27th. Julio struggles with thoughts of death, and feels that there is always something wrong with him. Like I said before, I can relate with this young man, I to went through this. (This is why I believe God made this appointment, because He knows I can relate to Julio.)

Once again John and I had a chance to minister to Julio. We talked about the Words of God regarding casting all your cares on Him, Do not be anxiuos about anything, and so on. We also went for a long walk with Julio, he loves to walk just like me. (You see how God knows who He can send to a specific person because of the things we been through!)

We walked by the beach in Oyster Bay. It was nice. John and I just let ourselves become friends with Julio and walked and talked with him. It was a wonderful night. We even went to get ice cream at the local Carvel.

We went back to Julios house and prayed with him and read the Word some more. Julio had said that because of our visit, he is feeling better. John and I take NO credit because this is ALL GOD !!!

John and I will continue to visit and minister to Julio. This is a young mans soul that needs to be discipled and taken care of. We have a long road ahead of us with Julio, but its gonna be a wonderful road to walk on and John and I are honored to take this assignment.

I will be inviting everyone to join us on the road and will be informing you by each visit we have with Julio. Please pray for John and I (Joey), that we can continue this road with Julio and that Julio will continue to be open to our visits. Please pray for his soul and that we can reach him and that he will be broken FREE from the bondage that he struggles with and that Julio will become a fine young man that follows Christ.

I encourage you to take yourself out of your comfort zone and go out and evangelize, or witness to someone one on one. Its a wonderful feeling to be used by God to bring another person (Who God Loves) to Christ.

Until next time ……….


About Joey Basta

My passion is to build you up in all areas of life.
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