Thou Shall Not Complain

What!!! I can’t complain …. No way, this is not possible, there is no way that I can not grumble or gripe when something happens in my life that I don’t like or that is uncomfortable, or that is a trial or a tribulation that is happening in my life.

I can relate to this …. how, because I say the same thing when something is happening in my life that is frustrating me, or when something happens that was unexpected. I am the first to complain. Since I was young, thats all I did, complain, complain, complain about everything that I didn’t like in my life.

I have been a Christian for 11 years now and that complaining attitude has followed me around. Around every corner, hiding behind every bush, waiting for something to happen so it can say to me in my ear …. “you have the right to complain”, or “go ahead, complain, it will feel good”, etc.

The meaning of complain:
is to express dissatisfaction,
pain, uneasiness, censure,
resentment, or grief; find fault.

I want to be transparent with you. Right now as I write this, I am homeless. I have been homeless for 7 months. I live out of my 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Because of the cost of everything here on Long Island NY, I am unable to pay the price for an apartment. Apartments here are $900.00 to $975.00 for a studio, $1,000 to $1,400 for a one bedroom. Gas is at an all time high at $4.30 a gal. for regular, food is costly, etc. Living out of my car is hot, its lonely, its scary, its frustrating, its Depressing. And thats only one problem I have going on, there are many others. I could go on and on, but I will choose not to.

By the worlds standards I have every “Right” to complain about all my troubles. And telling you the truth, I do complain and after I am done complaining, I feel that I just spit in our Lord’s face. Why, because my words of complaining are saying to our Lord, I don’t trust you, that He isn’t enough, that I deserve much better, that He doesn’t know what He is doing.

The opposite of complaining is
quiet joy in the midst of your trial.

– Joey Basta

Its my desire to have peace and quiet joy in the midst of anything that life throws at me. Even in my homelessness. I have to breakthrough my circumstance and remind myself that the Lord will never leave me nor forsake me. -Read Deuteronomy 31:8

When we are right smack in the middle of a storm, we should be Praising God in spite of what is happening, Praising God when we could be complaining brings joy to the Lord. Its shows our Lord that we have faith in Him, and that He is enough. We should also keep serving Him, being obedient to Him and His word. I know when I do this, my concentration on the circumstance seems to fade to an awesome Love and trust towards God.

I still have a long way to come to that place of never complaining. But, its my deep desire and my prayer to have a Godly response to my circumstances and I should, because I have to remember …. the Lord knows everything that is happening to me. And He knows what is going on with you. Life sometimes isn’t easy believe me … I know, but our God is more important then our circumstances.

Join me along this journey and lets Build Each Other Up to come to a place in our walk where we Shall Not Complain.

I hope this encouraged you. Please send me an email @ or post a comment. I would love to hear your story of how God is working in your life.


About Joey Basta

My passion is to build you up in all areas of life.
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2 Responses to Thou Shall Not Complain

  1. John says:

    Good article. It is an encouragement to me in my circumstances now.

  2. Mike says:

    Hang in there brother! You’re heading in the right direction in terms of attitude.

    More people than you realize, Christians included, have been throught similar events – including having made fortunes and lost everything.

    However, real friends will sit in the mud with you, maybe suggest a more positive perspective if invited to do so, but the choce of perspective is really yours.

    I do know this – God is for you and not against you. He is in control of even the smallest events and his purposes are always with good intent.

    There’s never a situation where God says, ‘sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it’ regarding someone else’s free will. He’s also in perfect charge of the consequences of decisions we’ve made.

    We do learn to be better friends, learn empathy for others, and know much better how to bring relief. What you sincerely wrote points to those things.

    The big thing for me when I’m in those events is maintaining in my thoughts that the way things are now don’t indicate that’s how things are going to be.

    I know people who have made and lost furtunes a few times and the down times were just as bad. I believe what was common for them was just doing the right thing, working hard, hoping for the best in spite of incredibly conflicting feelings.

    Gratitude is the key to so many good things as you said. It opens up opportunity when you can see them coming up along the way. God himself brings them and he’s a close friend when you’re at the bottom.

    It wasn’t until God was all I had that I could understand God was all I needed. When else?

    He doesn’t just leave things there. He continues to walk alongside as he does what he seems to enjoy so much – honoring the humble.

    He has no favorites, but he has his ‘intimates’ and I think these circumstances allow us to see the value of his intimacy.

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