I Can Forsake Everything but Jesus Christ!

Out of love and gratitude to Jesus, many new believers in Asia give their all for Jesus, in spite of what it might cost them.

Jasmi’s life was discouraging, to say the least. For 10 years, she had suffered with stomach pain. But the spiritual affliction weighing on her was even greater than the physical pain.

Even surgery on her stomach had not brought relief. Her doctors seemed unable to properly diagnose or treat her illness—and she would vomit blood at least three times a month. She was taking three injections a day but still not cured.

Finally, doctors diagnosed Jasmi with cancer. Jasmi was young—and the news could have very easily made her give in to despair. But her close and faithful friend—Anita—brought encouragement into her life. Anita knew Jesus and faithfully attended the church led by Gospel for Asia missionary Khamal.
As Khamal prayed for Jasmi, suddenly she began to scream and yell, banging her head against the floor.

She encouraged Jasmi to come to church with her and to get into God’s Word. One Sunday, Jasmi agreed to attend church with Anita. Pastor Khamal warmly welcomed Jasmi and listened with genuine empathy as she shared the long road she had traveled. He told the young woman that Jesus was able to heal. As Khamal prayed for Jasmi, suddenly she began to scream and yell, banging her head against the floor.

Discerning that the troubled woman was suffering from demon possession, Khamal prayed fervently in Jesus’ name, crying out not only for her physical healing but for spiritual deliverance as well.

Jasmi was delivered and restored to consciousness—and healed from her stomach problems. She discovered that her heart was filled with a joy like she had never known. The following Sunday, Jasmi returned to church and gave her life to Christ.

Even when her parents opposed her new life and tried to keep her from attending church, Jasmi was unshakeable.

“I can forsake everything but Jesus Christ,” she told them.

In spite of her parents’ protests, Jasmi began faithfully attending worship every Sunday and witnessing for Christ.

In close-knit Asian society, it is no small matter for a young man or woman to stand up for their faith when their parents oppose them. Please pray that Jasmi will continue to be filled with courage and Christ’s love, so that her parents will want to know Him, too. And pray for the Lord’s continued blessings on Pastor Khamal’s ministry in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The scenic Himalayan Mountains run through Jammu and Kashmir.

A Note from Joey:

As we can see through the above article, Jasmi was healed not through the power of any man, but through the healing power of Jesus Christ!

And even though Jasmi’s parents oppose her of following Christ … she is UNSHAKABLE!!! Wow what an encouragement that we can grab hold of and learn from. She said something that excited my heart, she said “I can forsake everything but Jesus Christ. What a stand !!!

Take hold of this article and what Jasmi said and stand firm in your Faith, be bold, and have courage!!!

This article was taken from an email newsletter from Gospel For Asia.


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One Response to I Can Forsake Everything but Jesus Christ!

  1. Cynthia Melograne says:

    I love stories like this. They remind me of how fervent the Christians are in other nations that don’t have it as easy as we do. I think American Christians tend to be soft sometimes because we have it so easy here. We don’t have to worry about being severely persecuted for our faith here. My prayer is that this girl Jasmi would continue to be strong in her faith and others like her, and that the Lord would protect her and keep her going strong for Him!

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