Your Cocoon

cacoonThere is a story of a boy who was walking one day when he found a butterfly cocoon that had fallen to the ground. The boy knelt down to take a closer look. When he was looking closely, he noticed the butterfly was trying to get out, but the butterfly couldn’t.

The boy decided to help the butterfly get out of the cocoon. So the boy, very carefully started slowly ripping open the cocoon. And finally the butterfly broke out and started to fly away.

The butterfly was spreading and flapping its wings flying beautifully through the air. When suddenly the butterfly started to fall and hit the ground and died.

Just like this story, we are like the butterfly, in a cocoon, but as Christians we are in our spiritual cocoon.

We therefore enter into a spiritual “Cocoon” and start to grow as new creatures in Christ. As we are in this cocoon, we are transformed (just as the caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly) into a new creation. While we are in our spiritual cocoon, we have a time of  growing, growing in the Word, growing in our relationship with Lord, growing through our struggles and our tests.

The story above shows that the butterfly in its cocoon has an appointed time to come out of that cocoon. The butterfly wasn’t fully developed yet and therefore wasn’t ready to come out of its cocoon.  The boy in his innocent age, wanted to help this butterfly get free, but when he interfered with what God has made and planned, caused the butterfly to die.

In our spiritual cacoons, we also have a GOD appointed time that we are supposed to be in our cocoons to develop. Its when He feels we are ready, we are broken out of that cocoon to be sent out, to FLY!

There may be many Christians who are frustrated because a ministry that God did put on your heart to start has not come to pass. Or there may be many that are eager to be used by God in a certain ministry and God has not yet released you to get involved.Or there may be many who don’t even know what ministry God has called you to and don’t worry, that’s OK.

I am right there with you. God has put on my heart to start a skate board ministry for youth, but hasn’t open doors yet. That doesn’t mean that He didn’t call me to do this, because its a BIG desire in my heart and I believe He put that desire there, but it just isn’t time yet. It isn’t HIS time to break me out of my cocoon and let me fly. And it just may not be your time either.

Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged because God is still developing you, growing you, transforming you into what He needs you to be in order for you to be used in that special ministry that HE called you to. Enjoy this time of developement and transformation and know that when its HIS time HE will break you out of your cocoon and let you Fly! butterfly-flying


About Joey Basta

My passion is to build you up in all areas of life.
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