Prayer Box Outreach

One way we can reach out to those in our
communities is to provide prayer boxes. 

Watch The Video at the end of this post

A few months ago I got an idea to make Prayer Boxes and place them in our apartment complex laundry rooms. We have around 4 laundry rooms on our 500 acres apartment complex. We have around 2,000 apartments here. Its like a city within a city. Times 2,000 by at least 2 people living in each apartment and that’s 4,000 people right here where we live. But I know that’s not an accurate number because some apartments have 3, 4, 5 people living in them … so just imagine how many people are here.

I started out with ONE prayer box and I placed it in ONE laundry room. After a week I had 15 prayer requests. It may not sound like “many” … I know Americans are so caught up in numbers, especially in the Church, BUT that is 15 people that were willing to trust strangers with the things that are going on in their lives. Most of them gave their names. That is 15 people that we can LIFT UP to our Lord who are hurting … and many are hurting as per their prayer requests.

BUT it didn’t stop there …. I placed out 2 more boxes. In 2 weeks time, we had around 40 prayer requests. Praise God! That’s 40 more on top of the 15 we had 2 weeks before that. So that was 55 people that are looking for answers to the hurts and situations that they are going through. many are hurting, and many are looking for answer’s. And praying for them could be the beginning of God revealing Himself to these hurting people.

Now I have something to share with you. After about another week and a half, I went to go check on my prayer boxes. I went to one laundry room and the prayer box was MISSING! So I went to the other locations and all the others were missing also. I checked the garbage, I looked around and they were gone! I even asked security that drives around if there is a policy about me leaving prayer boxes in the laundry rooms and he said NO. The only thing I could guess is that we have God haters in our complex who threw the boxes out. BUT that isn’t gonna stop me …. I just made some new boxes and I am on my way to start putting out new Prayer Boxes. And if they throw those out ….. I am gonna make some more and if they throw those out …. I’m gonna make some more 🙂 I won’t stop because I know that there are people out there who are hurting and we NEED to LIFT then UP in Prayer. And its gonna be a great way to open up some doors to meet them face to face and be able to share Christ!!

So join me in starting your own PRAYER BOX OUTREACH today. Its a great simple way to reach out and meet the needs and BUILD UP those in YOUR community.

These boxes are NOT hard to make. Watch this Video:

Do you plan on doing a Prayer Box Outreach?
Share with us if your gonna be doing this.
Share with us your Finished Prayer Boxes and the stories of how you started a Prayer Box Outreach 


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My passion is to build you up in all areas of life.
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3 Responses to Prayer Box Outreach

  1. Marcel Payette says:

    nice work Joey!

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