A Case of the “Give Ups.”

When I was a kid I used to get the hiccups a lot. Everyone seemed to have a remedy. Some tried to scare you. Others said to drink water upside down. Others said to drink water through a napkin covered over the top of the glass. And there were many more. But nothing worked. No matter what anyone suggested, in the end, no one had the remedy.

It seems that in this world, everyone has a remedy to fix anything. Month after month they sell “As Seen On TV” products and remedies for any problem. The pharmacist and doctors have a remedy (A Pill) for every illness or pain. But there is a long list of bad side affects. Motivational speakers have the system to helps you with every problem that keeps you from being a leader, a go getter, a person who never gives up.

Speaking of giving up, have you ever felt like giving up, I have! I have had the bad case of “Give Ups” many times. Like the hiccups, many people have all kinds of remedies for the give ups like, Oh just brush it off, suck it up kid, don’t let it bother you, go get drunk, and other ridiculous ways of getting through your circumstances.

But we as Christians, followers of Christ have the [TRUE] remedy!! Hellooooo. The true remedy is [Jesus Christ.] No remedy in this world can compare to Jesus Christ. I have heard it all, but nothing comes close.

I know in my many trials (I am going through a major trial as I write this) that knowing Christ and reading what He says in His word has kept me going in the faith and in life. His word says to endure, fight the good fight, press on. His word says that He will never leave you nor forsake you. That you are a child of God, and many many other scriptures that have the true remedy to heal, to empower and to encourage.

I have to confess, for many years I have been struggling with reading His word. In life there are so many distractions, and reasons and excuses why we don’t have the time to read His word. But we sure make time for things that we really want to do, don’t we.

God has been telling me more and more through sermons, Pastors, friends, and conformations, that I have to read His word and to take reading His word very seriously. Its a matter of life or death! Life if we are in the word and doing His word. And death if we are not in His word and not living His word. You have to be in the word, so the word can be in you! We are in very serious times and the word has to be in us and a part of us. The word is our lifeline, our weapon. Make a pledge with the Lord today, that you will be in His word like never before. I will join you in this pledge.

So if you have “A Case of the Give Ups”, give it to God and pour your life into the word. That is the Best remedy of all time for all things.


About Joey Basta

My passion is to build you up in all areas of life.
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One Response to A Case of the “Give Ups.”

  1. The Real Pae says:

    Hey Joey, I read this Post, I really appreciate it, and if I might echo something you mentioned it is that you do become more committed to reading the Scriptures, for it is the power unto life, salvation, and freedom.

    It truly encourages us to think like giving up is not an option!

    Be encouraged my Brother, and thank you for your friendship! Speak to you soon!

    Won, Les!

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